Gaia WFS-T Extenders

The Gaia WFS-T Extenders package is the world's most powerful tool to digitize, edit or delete data on any vendor's Web Feature Service Transactional (WFS-T). This solution is compatible with services from ESRI, Intergraph, CubeWerx, GeoServer and more. The Gaia WFS-T Extender includes powerful schema analysis and feature profiling tools that allow automated and manual fine-tuning of the transaction templates. The features edits are maintained locally offline and can be saved to a Gaia session file (GSF), when ready the edits may be committed to the Web service as a bulk transaction that includes all the requested changes.

The Gaia WFS-T Extenders package includes the Geometry Snap Tools, an Extender that adds advanced snapping capabilities to geometry editing. The snapping capability can be adjusted to apply only to the currently edited layer, or to any features in the session.



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  • Vendor Neutral SDI - Gaia WFS-T is designed to work with any transaction Web Feature Server. Use services from ESRI, Intergraph, CubeWerx, GeoServer and more.
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.3 - Gaia WFS-T supports ESRI WFS-T using ArcSDE and ArcGIS Server 9.3.
  • Enhance Gaia - The Gaia WFS-T Extenders are easily used, as with most Extenders no installation is required and any other Extenders can coexist with no problem.
  • Save Your Work Anytime - The feature edits are done 'offline' and can be saved to a GSF. When ready these changes can be committed to the server in a bulk transaction that includes all insert, update and delete operations.
  • Schema Parsing - Configure your WFS-T layer with a one-click operation that reads and analyses the schema behind the scenes.
  • Transaction Templates  - Each transaction template generated from the schema is configurable and allows validation rules and selection of used properties, thus client enforced data change rules.
  • Feature Locking - Some transactional services require a lock operation, others do not. Gaia WFS-T automatically adjusts its process to answer both scenarios.
  • Security and proxy tools - Gaia WFS-T supports proxy configurations and secure OGC services.
  • Geometry Snapping Tools - A set of snapping tools is included, adding the ability to snap edit nodes and edges to existing geometries in the session.
  • And more...all developed with CarbonTools PRO